CU 2.0 sponsor

Revenew provides a merchant-funded cash back program for cardholders while providing credit unions with commissions on sales at national retailers.

It works like this:

Revenew partners with retailers who want to attract new customers and improve loyalty in existing ones. Those retailers subsidize the debit and credit card rewards that consumers see. (Usually, the rewards are around 5% cash back, deposited in the consumer’s account.)

Revenew also partners with financial institutions to provide a rewards program for their cards. The credit union gets interchange and a commission for all qualifying purchases. The retailer gets a new or happier customer. Finally, the member gets great perks from their card. Furthermore, the credit union enjoys a greater share of wallet due to the incentivized use.

Powering Revenew is AI. Their proprietary machine learning algorithms provide a platform that will evolve and improve over time. For example, they can analyze spending habits and preferences for new offers and opportunities. The growth potential of AI is a major driver in additional value.