Tailwind Business Ventures

CU 2.0 sponsor

Because your members aren’t code but your credit union depends on it, Tailwind humanizes your digital transformation with “Software as a Relationship.”

Tailwind Business Ventures is a custom software development and integration company that partners with EdTech, Healthcare, government, fintech, and financial institutions to plan, create, and deploy custom solutions and software outcomes. They focus on market-ready solutions built on-time, on budget, with full transparency throughout the process.

Tailwind provides end-to-end technology solutions to real-world business challenges leveraging a partner-centric process called “Software-as-a-relationship.” Whereas most development firms build what the customer wants, Tailwind proactively drives product planning and roadmap discussions to move your business forward. This enables clients to better identify long term needs, creating better roadmaps that include both current and future solution requirements.

Tailwind powers any number of bespoke solutions by working with hundreds of developers across the globe. Their best-of-breed Integritas development teams have provided mature solutions and business processes since 2004, with 24/7 development cycles.

Their capabilities range from requirements gathering, software architecture and design, UX/UI design, infrastructure development and deployment, WebDev Ops, and product management and strategy. So, whether it be 3rd party integrations, single sign-on (SSO), chat integration, virtual lobby creation, or navigational adjustment (to improve UX and UI), Tailwind can make it happen. Essentially, if the project involves 0s and 1s, it’s in Tailwind’s wheelhouse.

To date, Tailwind has partnered with the better part of 100 credit unions to complete hundreds of projects. They also work with digital banking providers like Temenos and Q2. This has given them broad and deep knowledge of both the industry and how best to work with all stakeholders.