There is over $3tn in outstanding personal debt in the U.S. right now. That’s three trillion. That’s the numeral 3 followed by twelve zeros. That’s enough to buy the New York Yankees more than 800 times. In short? That’s a lot.

Unadat seeks to help people outsmart their debt. Unadat works with mission-driven organizations like DCU to help people improve their credit scores and save on debt payments.

Unadata is a web-based platform with integrations into existing points of sale, such as those in credit unions. People can visit the website to find their best loan rates. Then, in order to ensure that they don’t get their loan applications rejected, Unadat finds ways to improve the applicants’ credit scores and perceived creditworthiness.

The goal is to help people manage their debt more strategically and effectively. Then, with Unadat behind them, they can stay more financially flexible and viable. Plus, they’ll improve their credit scores and reduce their debt!