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Valon, formerly Peach Street, is a mortgage servicing company serving credit unions, banks, and consumers. Valon has reimagined the mortgage servicing experience around the modern digital consumer. They believe that the mortgage experience doesn’t end after the loan is approved. Rather, the experience lasts for the life of the loan, and consumers shouldn’t be stuck with a clunky, outdated platform.

As a result, they’re able to empower borrowers with a convenient, transparent, and simple mortgage servicing experience.

So, how do they do it? Instead of putting a new GUI on an old platform, they built their own mortgage servicing platform from the ground up. They provide what other servicers can’t:

  • Transparency, so that borrowers can access their mortgage online, desktop or mobile.
  • Immediacy, eliminating weeks of phone calls and quarterly statements. Instead, users can access their information anywhere, anytime.
  • Security with top-level encryption and privacy features such as encryption and intrusion detection.
  • Simplicity in making payments, managing escrow, viewing balances, and more.

Valon puts more control in the borrowers hands and eliminates common mortgage servicing problems (such as NSF charges and lengthy wait times for borrower inquiries).