Very Good Security (VGS)

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Payment Data Security & Regulatory Infrastructure for Modern Organizations

Very Good Security (VGS) empowers organizations to focus on their core business by offloading their data security and compliance burden to VGS. Financial institutions are free to use sensitive data without the cost and liability of securing it themselves. This allows them to accelerate compliance with PCI, SOC 2, HIPAA, GDPR, and more.

For credit unions, VGS lets them conceal sensitive data in their internal systems and reveal that data at appropriate endpoints.

Credit unions can leverage the VGS platform to redact card data on their internal systems and reveal or exchange that data with internal or external systems such as digital banking. The VGS technology enables credit unions to seamlessly deliver virtual cards into a digital banking experience while remaining fully compliant with PCI rules.

The same technology can be leveraged to conceal or redact sensitive account data such as drivers license or social security numbers. This results in the protection of PII on the credit unions’ internal systems while still enabling the seamless exchange of data with credit bureaus and other third party service providers.

The integration is light and requires no changes to existing core banking systems, payment processing systems or other systems that the credit union relies upon to conduct normal business operations.