Five Fintech Marketing Tips for 2020

There are many reasons why fintechs startups don’t “make it.” One common reason is that they lack the money or aren’t making profit. Another is that they don’t understand their target market and/or can’t penetrate that market or get broad adoption. There’s truth to all of these.

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How to Grow Credit Union Membership Through SEG Marketing

Does your credit union effortlessly acquire new members? if so, this post is not for you! However, if you work for a select employer group SEG-based credit union and you’re looking to grow your memberships, read on.

Have you been frustrated with how to target SEG members when the SEG isn’t as supportive as they used to be? Do you sometimes feel like your member growth strategy is stuck because you are leaking members? If you have challenges finding members and growing your credit union membership, this blog is for you!

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Grading Classical Brand Archetypes for Credit Unions

Branding is important. It builds recognition and trust in consumers. It’s the reason people use words like Coke, Xerox, and Post-It instead of cola, photocopier, and sticky note. Branding is why the skate fashion company Supreme made a brick with their logo on it, instantly sold out of it at $30 a pop, and then saw those bricks go for $1,000 on the secondary market.

Many in the financial industry don’t quite realize the importance of branding. Or maybe, in a world of percentages, terms, and numbers, branding seems complicated and superfluous.

It’s not.

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What Are Inbound Leads and Why Do They Matter to Credit Unions?

If you blinked sometime in the last decade, you may have missed it. The role of marketing changed, and it changed big. Surprisingly, credit unions have fallen behind precisely where they should excel: in capturing inbound leads.

So, what are inbound leads? And why do they matter?

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