What You Need to Launch Your Fintech

Getting your fintech’s brand and solution in front of the right audience can be tricky. There are many steps to take with a fintech launch, but those steps require supporting marketing materials.

So, if you already have your target audience and you’re ready to follow the first steps of your fintech launch campaign, this blog is for you.


Additional Materials and Considerations

Any fintech launch sequence will do better if it has content to fall back on. Especially the first email sequence should rely on building credibility and providing value.

Some of the marketing collateral you might want to use includes:

Blogs: Blogs are the bread and butter of content marketing. They allow you to showcase your understanding of your target audience and provide thought leadership in that area.

Videos: Video marketing is huge and it’s going to keep growing. People are more likely to watch a video than read a blog. Generally, you’ll see more engagement with video… even if it’s very amateur!

White papers: A good white paper will let your target audience know what you’re all about in detail. B2C businesses might want one for investors, while B2B organizations can use them as marketing materials for when a lead is ready to buy.

Case studies: Case studies provide both experiential and social proof. A good case study will show that your solution works and that someone is willing to testify to its efficacy.

Display ads: The best display ads look good and offer a compelling reason to click. If you don’t have a designer and a copywriter in house, consider working with professionals to help.

Webinars: Webinars put a face to the brand and allow leads to engage with you more directly—without being forced into a sales call. Your webinar should not be a product demonstration or sales pitch. Rather, it should suggest how to solve the problem that you solve on their own. Then, you can offer your solution as an easy shortcut.


What You Need to Launch Your Fintech

Fintechs are used to moving quickly. Unfortunately, the rest of the world is not. It takes a considerable amount of time and effort to create good marketing materials. Furthermore, it takes even longer to turn a cold prospect into a buyer.

Be prepared for a lackluster launch. Sales will not come rolling in as soon as you launch. Your first email send will probably not get any conversions. This is normal!

Here’s what you’ll need to launch your fintech:

  1. An email platform. Any commercial platform is fine, but marketing automation platforms will be much more effective in the long run.
  2. An ad platform. Inbound marketing takes 6 months to get off the ground, and retargeting makes email far more effective. An ad platform—especially one with retargeting—will help you get more eyes on your solution.
  3. A lead magnet. Lead magnets can do two things: qualify an existing lead (e.g. download a case study) or gain a new one (e.g. a free how-to guide behind an email paywall). This is a strong recommendation, not a necessity.
  4. At least one creative professional. Depending on the scope of your launch, you may need several creatives (or one well-rounded wiz). Consider at least a copywriter, graphic designer, videographer or animator, and perhaps a few more specialists. You can produce marketing materials without creative professionals, but you’ll probably get much better results from people who do it for a living.
  5. Let’s be very clear: there’s almost no way to launch a fintech without spending some money!
  6. We cannot repeat this enough: launching any business takes time. Fintechs often take even more time, because peoples’ money and livelihoods are on the line. Don’t give up hope after a couple short weeks of effort. Don’t give up after months. Some fintechs take years to really take off!

This isn’t to say that you can’t get where you’re going much faster… rather, the “if you build it, they will come” mentality isn’t based on fintech marketing results. Sales cycles can take months, and overcoming inertia is the hardest part.

For established fintechs, this process is a little bit easier. After all, some of your target audience is probably already familiar with your brand.

However, for fintech startups, this launch sequence can take time. It can feel like nothing is working. It can feel like you’re not getting the traction you feel you deserve.

Just remember that people don’t just buy solutions—they buy them from brands. And people don’t buy from brands they don’t trust. Therefore, your first obstacle is in building awareness and trust, which doesn’t always come quickly!


Get Help Launching Your Fintech

If you’d like to get your brand (and your solution) in front of thousands of new prospects, an agency is your best bet. Agencies like CU 2.0 have helped dozens of other fintechs get a foothold in many target industries.

See our Lead Generation & Fintech Launch service here.

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