Credit Union 2.0 partners with Nexus Intelligence

ASHLAND, OR (October 23, 2017) — Credit Union 2.0, the leader in digital transformation strategy for credit unions, is pleased to announce that it has partnered with Nexus Intelligence, the leader in data analytics and market research services to help credit unions generate results with big data and be more competitive in the digital age.

Together, Credit Union 2.0 and Nexus Intelligence offer Credit Unions the ability to use data analytics to better understand how to capture greater wallet share from their current members. For every 10,000 members a Credit Union has, 8,000 of them have money at another institution. 8,000 of them have loans and cash management services at a competitor. Nexus Intelligence delivers real results with big data for Credit Unions to grow from within.

Credit Union 2.0 and Nexus plan to help Credit Union leaders revitalize their noble institutions, making them more competitive, more connected with their membership, and more in tune with the times. Credit Union 2.0 will help Credit Unions rise to their peak in increasingly challenging times by leveraging the latest technologies and innovation to better serve members.

About Credit Union 2.0

Credit Union technology entrepreneur, Kirk Drake, recently founded Credit Union 2.0 with the goal of providing Credit Unions with the tools, playbooks, and strategies required to excite their members and ignite organizational vitality. With his knowledge gained from his 20+ years in the industry, Drake offers Credit Unions the tactics necessary to leverage the latest technologies and be competitive in today’s banking environment.

About Nexus Intelligence

Nexus Intelligence provides data analytics and market research services that allows Credit Unions to capitalize on lending, deposit, and cash management opportunities. Nexus Intelligence provides a Credit Union’s lending officers a year-round flow of the easiest to close leads. These leads are where a Credit Union’s members have a financial product with the competition when they would save money if they had it with your credit union.


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Hi, I’m Kirk Drake, founder of CU 2.0.

CU 2.0 is all about helping credit unions create digital experiences that really differentiate a credit union from a bank.

After starting a high school bank, working at two credit unions and Fiserv, and starting several CUSOs, I decided to write a book called Credit Union 2.0.  I became passionate about credit unions’ digital experiences in 2008 when our industry had the worst financial crisis ever, and credit unions only barely moved the needle from 7% market share to 8% market share. I found that to be a huge problem.

So CU 2.0 is about teaching and educating credit union marketers, technologists, CEOs, boards, and everybody about how to create a really great framework for building your credit union for tomorrow through: Continue reading “Intro”

Credit Union Website Basics

Are you struggling to build a website for your credit union that doesn’t become immediately obsolete? Many credit unions spend anywhere from $10-100,000 on a website, and if you’re not careful, within 3 months you’ll have to start all over again.

If you’ve ever found yourself in that position, this post is for you.

Credit unions have to do better on their websites. After all, websites are our first digital impression and opportunity to connect with existing and new members.  When was the last time you didn’t look at a website for a major purchase?  Second, good digital strategy requires enabling your members to find your credit union through Google.  Without the items below – Google won’t ever point members in your direction and in all-things Google we trust!

Here are 7 key website tips that will help you create a great digital experience for your customers.

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How many new members leave your credit union in the first 100 days?

Is your credit union looking for new member growth? Are millennials key to your long-term viability? If you are like most credit unions, then this article will help you keep new members and build loyalty for life while demonstrating the tangible difference between a bank and a credit union.

We all know, it is far less expensive to keep a member you already have than to get a new one. We’re so focused on membership growth, yet we don’t even know if we’re attracting the right member and if they’ll stick around.

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Is Direct Mail Dead for credit unions?

A lot of you might wonder something I have often wondered: is direct mail dead? Today we’re going to explain why it’s actually not dead, and how you can incorporate it in all of your digital marketing to create highly personalized digital marketing messages that help your members get educated, built trust, and buy more product that’s right for them from your credit union.

Did you know that 79% of direct mail is opened immediately, versus 49% of email? Or that direct mail has a 4.5% response rate v. a 0.12% response rate for email? Or that 10% more customers buy from direct mail than from other channels? So clearly direct mail is not dead and is not going anywhere.

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