Credit Union–Fintech Mastermind Showcase Event

credit union fintech mastermind showcase event

CU 2.0 is changing up its Mastermind session for the month of December. After all, you probably already have enough to worry about during the holidays!

But that presents an opportunity for all of us to break from our groups and come together as a whole. On December 9th, join us for a ½-day showcase event where we’ll cover a variety of credit union topics from multiple angles. It will be creative, informative, fast-paced, and fun.

You can also look forward to breakout sessions on high-level topics, such as:

  • So, you want to be a CEO…
  • AI, data analytics, and how to leverage the cloud to improve members’ lives
  • Breaking the CU complacency
  • Creating and leveraging advisory boards to achieve your BHAGs
  • Digital transformation
  • Developing and using a fintech service bus

If you’re interested in attending this incredible event, all we ask is that you RSVP:

Sign up for the event here!

Facilitators and Discussion Leaders

CU 2.0 will facilitate the Mastermind showcase event to make sure that discussions are on time and on track. Our presenters and discussion leaders include notable industry CEO and veterans:

  • Kirk Kordaleski, OM Financial Group, former CEO of Bethpage Credit Union
  • David Araujo, President/CEO of Service Credit Union
  • Jill Nowacki, CEO of Humanidei
  • Anne Legg, CEO of Thrive Strategic Services
  • Karan Bhalla, CEO of CU Rise
  • Kris Kovacs, President/CEO of Constellation Co-op
  • James Robert Lay, CEO of Digital Growth Institute
  • David Deckelmann, CXO of MAPS Credit Union, CEO of LiveSurvey
  • Dr. Patty Ann Tublin, CEO of Relationship Toolbox, LLC
  • Darryl Hicks, CEO of FlexPay
  • David Wexler, CEO of ModusBox
  • Andrew Wang, CEO of Peach Street
  • Lee Miller, President of RenoFi
  • Brian Hennessey, CFO of Meriwest Credit Union

We will continue to update this list as we get closer to the event!

If You’re Not Familiar with the CU 2.0 Mastermind Group…

CU 2.0 has created an innovative and exclusive group (~100 industry leaders) of credit union and fintech innovators to work together to change our industry for the better.

Mastermind groups involve a good deal of give and take. So, although members may come to learn, forge relationships, and tackle challenges, they will also find themselves lending expertise and sharing their own experiences.

The CU 2.0 Mastermind features several basic benefits:

  • High-level: Credit union and fintech upper management only (no sales allowed)
  • Exclusive: One industry specialist per group
  • Intimate: Ten members per group
  • Active: Virtual meetings for groups, community forums, industry verticals, webinars and more. Subjects include mergers, digital transformation, how to prepare to be a CEO—or prepare your team for succession and strategy in the time of COVID.
  • CU 2.0 Network: Has more than 200 credit unions and 50+ fintechs in our groups today.

If you want to leave your mark on the world and work with others with the same goal, this group may be for you. Come join our Credit Union–Fintech Mastermind event and see what we’ve been building together!

Sign up for the event here!

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