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The next generation of financial calculators

Chimney, (formerly Signal Intent) Chimney provides beautifully designed financial calculators that credit unions can use to engage and convert members. These whitelabel tools can be embedded on any page of your website in minutes… no coding required.

The calculators serve multiple purposes:

  • Lead capture / generation;
  • Member / customer support; and
  • SEO / content improvement.

Chimney’s calculators are white labeled, attractive, and easy to use. More importantly, they’re cheap and they set up in minutes. Plus, they can be configured and managed without coding, so credit unions and banks can customize at will.

Because calculators are dynamic and interactive, they present one of the few truly personalized experiences available to any financial institution’s website. That typically leads to more engagement. And, in their clients’ experience, they’re able to convert those personalized experiences into more relevant offers and dramatically increased portfolio growth.