CU 2.0 sponsor

Verloop provides automated customer support to a variety of industries across the globe. Their flagship product is an AI-powered chatbot. Their product reduces the strain on call centers and frees humans up for more complex tasks and queries.

Verloop’s AI is sophisticated and allows clients to customize it to their needs. It aids in customer acquisition, site navigation, FAQs, and all manner of simple support needs (such as resetting passwords). Verloop describe themselves as a “team of evolutionary enthusiasts [who] share a single vision: enable businesses to deliver delightful support experiences to their customers, across channels.”

In short: They want to make things easy. For everyone. Customers and support representatives alike. Their goal is to improve digital self-service channels with human-like, individualized assistance. The speed and accuracy of AI, plus its 24/7 availability, offers customer convenience at a cost-effective price point.

Furthermore, their AI algorithm can verify identity and perform KYC duties. For organizations looking to scale, AI chatbots are an incredible feature. Verloop works with credit unions to improve their digital support channels.