Credit Union Strategic Planning Facilitators Guide

credit union strategic planning facilitator guide

Download the full Credit Union Strategic Planning Facilitator Guide here. The leaves are falling. The smell of warm toner is in the air. Yup—it’s budget season, which means it’s also time for credit union strategic planning.

Housetable and Fully Digital Home Improvement Lending

Housetable home equity loan based on value after renovation for credit unions from cu 2.0

This is America. We have various but predictable wants. Whatever we want, we want it more, better, and faster. Fortunately, those adjectives are also the keys to growth and innovation. More, better, and faster perfectly encapsulates everything about housing in the last few years… and now, more, better, and faster describe the demand for home […]

Strategies for the Credit Union CEO of Tomorrow

Credit union ceo strategy from cu 2.0 and om financial group

This piece is based off of a roundtable discussion at the CU 2.0 Brainstorm Event in July 2021. It is not intended to be comprehensive—rather, it will provide a cursory introduction to credit union CEO strategy.

AI Case Study: Digital Onboarding

Credit union ai case study for digital onboarding by cu 2.0

This is an excerpt from FinAncIal: Helping Financial Executives Prepare for an Artificial World. Grab your copy here! This case study covers the leading player in AI-based digital onboarding for credit union members, Digital Onboarding.

2021 Credit Union Technology Trends to Watch

credit union trends

Wow. 2020 managed to pack a decade of excitement into the span of a single year. Interestingly, it also packed several years worth of digital transformation into a few months at the beginning of the pandemic. Credit unions began by closing branches, leaning heavily on their digital channels… and continued to lean on digital even […]

How Any Credit Union Can Afford a CISO

Has your credit union had a hard time hiring and retaining a Chief Information Security Officer? Is your current IT team unable to keep up with your security needs?

5 easy ways to start your credit unions digital transformation

Digital transformation for credit unions

Digital transformation. Omnichannel. Cloud. Blockchain. Artificial intelligence. Who knows the next buzzword that will strike the credit union industry? It feels like there is always a new hot topic. In fact, it’s hard to know what’s important—and what isn’t. With that in mind, many credit unions ask me: What are the easy ways to start […]

3 Overdraft Hacks That Your Members Will Love

how to make members happy with overdraft fees

  Nobody likes getting dinged with fees. In fact, levying too many fees at your members is a surefire way of frustrating them. But what if I told you there’s a way to make your members appreciate your approach to overdraft fees? There are a few win-win ways to turn a bad member experience (overdraft […]

CU 2.0 Fintech Friday: Hound Software

CU2.0 credit union fintech partnership

It’s CU 2.0 Fintech Friday! Today, Chris Otey sits down with Hound Software to discuss all things credit union, fintech, and digital innovation. This series is meant to introduce potential partners and vendors to your credit union. We won’t highlight any fintech foes or digital distractions for your credit union’s CEO!

Fail Forward Fast: Credit Union Lessons from the Fintech World

There are a lot of fads that deserve to be forgotten. Fidget spinners are one example. The mannequin challenge and Harlem Shake videos are others. Let’s not get started on eating Tide Pods. But some trends show us that there are other ways of accomplishing goals. Sometimes, hopping on a trend is less about fitting […]