How Any Credit Union Can Afford a CISO

Has your credit union had a hard time hiring and retaining a Chief Information Security Officer? Is your current IT team unable to keep up with your security needs?

CISOs are in high demand. Finding someone qualified, experienced, and dedicated enough for the job is a highly competitive endeavor.  And competition can get costly.

So, what are smaller credit unions to do?


Part-time CISOs Are “a Thing”

To be honest, many small- and midsized credit unions don’t even need a full-time CISO. They still need the benefit that a CISO provides, but their security needs are less demanding than those of their larger counterparts.

Consequently, hiring a part-time CISO is a fantastic option. With a fractional CISO, a credit union gets all the benefits of an experienced, dedicated CISO… at a fraction of the cost.

Here’s how it works:

One CISO serves a handful of credit unions. They bring their years of experience with them, as well as their experience serving other credit unions. The other credit unions they work with brings depth, breadth, and variety to their service.

Instead of taking a full-time fee, the part-time CISO costs much less. Their full salary is paid by multiple credit unions, effectively spreading out the cost. This drastically reduces the likelihood that a part-time CISO will leave to find a better offer. After all, they’re paid as well as any other CISO on the market!

Finally, the part-time CISO brings a good amount of standard operating procedures to the table. They’re very efficient, and they’re familiar with regulations, reporting, and how to communicate with other major stakeholders and authorities.


Learn More About Part-time CISOs

Ongoing Operations, a CUSO that provides multiple technology and security solutions, developed their CISO as a Service (CISOaaS) product a few years ago. Since its inception, it has been one of their most popular services.

You can learn more about how Ongoing Operations’ CISOaaS service works here.

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