Why You Need to Join the Fintech Meetup

Fintech meetup, fintech spring meetup

Fintech Meetup is a massive online networking event. It brings together ~4,000 financial services professionals (mostly executives) for three days of meeting and networking. RESERVE MY SPACE NOW Based on the success of the last event, we’re positive that you’ll find a lot to like about this one. In fact…

Credit Unions, Cryptocurrency, and Card Rewards

Credit union cryptocurrency card rewards

Most financial institutions have been slow on the uptake when it comes to cryptocurrency. It’s still a relatively new technology and represents a definite risk. But there might also be risk in steering clear much longer.

Credit Unions, Work from Home, and Burnout

Credit union work from home causing burnout in remote employees from cu 2.0

A year ago, organizations around the country scrambled to limit in-person work. Remote work boomed. But do credit union work from home policies cause employee burnout?

CU 2.0 Podcast Episode 136 Pete Crear A Distinguished Credit Union Life

credit union podcast

Know this about Pete Crear: He was the first to win the lifetime achievement award from the African American Credit Union Coalition – and when they gave him the award in 2003 they decided to name it after him. The roster of Pete Crear Lifetime Achivement Award winners is now a dazzling hall of fame […]

Doubling Down on ATMs: Return from the Death

Credit unions and the return of ATMs from cu 2.0

Just when you thought ATMs had to be going down for the count—and, honestly, who didn’t think that as the pandemic took hold?—the rumbling is loud that ATMs are emerging as a low cost branch replacement option.

Credit Unions, COVID-19, and the Future of Cash

Credit unions future of cash after covid 19 from modusbox and cu2

In 2020, everything changed. The pandemic fundamentally shifted the way we work, bank, and play toward digital. What role will cash play in our future? And how does that affect credit unions?

Coronavirus Safety Tips for Credit Unions

The novel coronavirus, or COVID-19, reached pandemic status nearly a year ago. When we first wrote this blog, hundreds of new cases were springing up across the U.S., and most of them were in New York. Today, after what feels like 74 months of social distancing, civil unrest, and murder hornets, we’re seeing the vaccine […]

The Effect of Returned Mail at Credit Unions

Credit union returned mail with xdi and cu 2.0

2.5% of all First-Class Mail® is returned. That may not seem like a significant amount. I assure you that it is. In the volume that credit unions send statements, notices, forms, and other documents, thousands of envelopes may be returned each month.