The Fintech Meetup and Why It Matters

Please note: Space is limited. Registrations WILL close early!

A recent informal poll of our CU 2.0 credit union Facebook group asked, “What do you miss most about conferences?”

All of the answers mentioned meeting people. Colleagues, peers, vendors, everyone. Notably absent:

  • Keynote speakers
  • Breakout sessions
  • Travel and dining

Everyone missed connecting with other humans, forging new relationships, and encountering new solutions and ideas.

Fortunately, there’s an upcoming event that fits all those parameters. It’s called the Fintech Meetup—or Fintech Spring Meetup, to be exact—and it’s all meetings, no distractions. Credit unions join free.

Credit unions, download our 1-page overview of the event here.

Fintechs, download our 1-page overview of the event here.

(The two documents are slightly different!) You may also scroll down to the bottom to find our registration links and codes.

Here’s how it works:

About the Fintech Meetup with Kirk Drake.


What Is the Fintech Meetup?

The Fintech Meetup is a three-day, all-digital networking event. Thousands of representatives from new and established fintechs will be there. The same goes for representatives from credit unions, banks, investors, and other financial institutions.

Each half day features a few hours of dedicated 1:1 meeting times. No speakers, just focused networking.

All meetings are double opt-in, too. You don’t have to meet with anyone you don’t want to!

The goal is to maximize networking time and exposure. It’s all the best parts of a conference with none of the major drawbacks or lackluster speakers.


Why You Should Attend the Fintech Meetup

There’s no better way to find and evaluate new entrants to the market than with a dedicated networking event. You get to meet directly with the organizations you find most interesting or promising. You can also meet new peers to discuss strategies and opportunities.

Here’s how easy it is:

  1. Sign up.
  2. Create a profile.
  3. Select your available meeting times.
  4. Select the organizations or people you’d like to speak with.
  5. Meet with them.

That’s it!

Plus, if you miss any meetings—maybe your schedules didn’t align—you’ll get an email introduction.

Anybody is welcome to join. Leaders from operations, marketing, compliance, lending, digital/member experience, and more are welcome to attend. Multiple representatives from a single credit union or fintech are welcome!


A Little Background on the Event

The Fintech Meetup is the brainchild of Anil and Simran Aggarwal, founders of Money 20/20, Shoptalk, Groceryshop, and other meeting events.

So far, their events annually create 10,000+ meetings for thousands of registrants in each market segment. These events have extremely high satisfaction rates (over 90%) and facilitate key partnerships and relationships.

Now, they’re applying their experience now to the fintech realm. Especially at the current rate of digital transformation among traditional financial institutions, this is a welcome event!

The first Fintech Meetup will be June 15–17, 2021 and will be called the Fintech Spring Meetup. Already, countless high-profile brands have joined the attendees list. And, if history is any indication, this event will take off quickly, facilitate thousands of valuable connections, and spur a series of similar meetups.


How to Register for the Fintech Spring Meetup

Register for the Fintech Spring Meetup differs slightly depending on whether you work for a fintech or a credit union. Here’s how you can get started:

Credit unions may register for a free or paid ticket. Registration is free if you agree to take four (4) or more meetings as part of the Hosted Program. Otherwise, tickets will run between $495–895 each.

Use code CUHOST here for a free hosted credit union ticket.

Use code CU2BC here for a paid credit union ticket.

Fintechs must pay for their tickets. There are price breaks for early registrants and for startups with less than $25m in funding.

Use code CU2GA here if you’re an established fintech.

Use code CU2ST300 here if you’re a startup with less than $25m in funding.

We’ll see you there!