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Go to the website for Otomo and here’s what jumps out at you: “Be the money platform people love. Turn any account holder into an avid user with autonomous personal money management.”

Read it again.

What Otomo is about is a revolution in our digital money management and here is a fact: on a fundamental level, online and mobile banking are not substantially different from what debuted in the mid 1990s.

Another fact: PFMs are not significantly more engaging than they were when they were introduced a generation ago.

Otomo’s plan is to revolutionize all of that.

To rethink how we bank.

And, yes, to make it all much more engaging – and fun! – than we are accustomed to.

On its LinkedIn page, Otomo says about itself: “Picture a world where your money knows where to go as soon as it hits your bank account, organizing itself in real-time. Sounds like something out of Blade Runner? It’s not.

“Otomo is delivering on banking’s ultimate promise of hyper-personalized cash management tools today. We deliver our service directly through your favorite financial institution or money app. In other words, you’ll quickly be able to offer smart banking that can provide engaging, long-lasting, and meaningful experiences to your customers.”

Ready to hear more about the Otomo revolution? In this podcast you will hear at length from Khellar Crawford, CEO and co-founder of Otomo and you will also hear why he founded it and why your credit union just may wat to explore deploying it to your members.

Face it? Members increasingly want more from their digital banking experience than they are getting.  Otomo just may be what they are hunting.

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