CU 2.0 Podcast Episode 136 Pete Crear A Distinguished Credit Union Life

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Know this about Pete Crear: He was the first to win the lifetime achievement award from the African American Credit Union Coalition – and when they gave him the award in 2003 they decided to name it after him.

The roster of Pete Crear Lifetime Achivement Award winners is now a dazzling hall of fame of credit union heroes and heroines, including several who have been in the CU 2.0 Podcast – Bill Bynum and Bert Hash, Jr.

The podcast opens with how Crear felt when he was told that, not only did he win the award, it was now named after him.  You will like his authenticity.

Just who is Pete Crear?  Here’s the press release that went out when he retired as CEO of WOCCU, the World Council of Credit Unions.

The release noted: “Prior to joining WOCCU, Crear was CUNA’s executive vice president of external relations and, before that, executive vice president and chief operating officer responsible for daily operations of the Madison, Wis., office. He also served in top leadership positions at the Indiana, Connecticut and Michigan credit union leagues.”

Crear also is of an age where he saw the nation change.  He vividly remembers the impact of Lyndon Johnson’s Great Society legislation that made civil rights a legal reality, not just a talking point.

And he remembers the job discrimination he encountered when he applied for his first adult job.

Does he think matters are better now for African Americans – both credit union members and employees? Listen to the podcast for his answers.

In the podcast Crear mentions a CPA he worked for early on, Richard Henry Austin, who went on to serve as Michigan’s first African American Secretary of State.

He name checks Bucky Sebastian – a past podcast guest – for helping rid NCUA of regulations that made it harder for African Americans to borrow.

Crear also tosses a praise bouquet at Angela Russell, a CUNA Mutual executive, and Cliff Rosenthal who literally wrote the book on CDFIs.

One more name to mention: Renee Sattiewhite, CEO of the AACUC and a past podcast guest.

A last fact to know about Pete Crear: this is a very good natured man.  He laughs.  He shares himself. And he wants to make the world a better place.

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