Best Credit Union Conferences of 2024 

the best credit union conferences 2024

We did conference research so you don’t have to! Well, maybe this counts as research, but it’s not as soul-sucking as the kind we had to do to write this. 

(Seriously. Read our methodology at the bottom if you don’t want to get back to work but you miss being bored.) 

Ready to see the best credit union conferences in 2024? Great. Let’s dive in.

Note: These are listed in order of start/end date! 

1. Fintech Meetup 

Size: Large
Dates: March 3–6
Location: Las Vegas, Nevada
Who should attend: Any executive who makes tech buying decisions 

The skinny: Picture speed dating, but for fintech enthusiasts. This unique event is the perfect way to meet new faces without the risk of being cornered by a chatterbox. Quick, efficient, and potentially game-changing for your credit union. 

2. CUNA GAC (Governmental Affairs Conference) 

Size: Large 
Dates: March 3–7 
Location: Washington, D.C. 
Who should attend: CEOs and others in the C-suite 

The skinny: The crème de la crème of credit union conferences. Not only is it the best attended, but it also boasts a happy hour that’s the talk of the town. Networking with a side of relaxation? Count us in. 

3. CUNA Marketing and Business Development 

Size: Medium 
Dates: March 17–20
Location: Las Vegas, Nevada 
Who should attend: CMOs and similar 

The skinny: As one of CUNA’s many role-specific conferences, this is a fantastic one to attend if it pertains to your role. If you’re a CTO, CLO, or you’re just lost, it’s probably not the place to be.  

4. NACUSO Network Conference 

Size: Medium 
Dates: April 15–18  
Location: Walt Disney World (Lake Buena Vista, Florida) 
Who should attend: CEOs, CTOs, CIOs 

The skinny: This one’s for the innovators. If you’re as excited about creating solutions as much as using them, this conference is your playground. Filled with credit unions and CUSOs that are pushing boundaries, it’s not to be missed. 

5. The Financial Brand Forum 

Size: Large 
Dates: April 15–18  
Location: Walt Disney World (Lake Buena Vista, Florida) 
Who should attend: CEOs, CMOs 

The skinny: We’ve heard nothing but rave reviews about this one. It’s on our must-try list, and if you’re attending, we’d love to hear your thoughts. Consider it your chance to be our eyes and ears on the ground. 

6. CUNA Cybersecurity Conference with NASCUS

Size: Large 
Dates: May 7–9  
Location: San Antonio, Texas  
Who should attend: CIOs, CTOs 

The skinny: If you’ve ever felt like nobody else at the credit union gets sufficiently excited by cybersecurity and data safety, then maybe it’s time you find a better crowd—your crowd.  

7. NAFCU CEOs and Senior Executives Conference 

Size: Large 
Dates: May 8–10 
Location: Key West, Florida 
Who should attend: CEOs and senior executives (go figure)  

The skinny: Exchange ideas, solve common challenges, and return to your CU filled with new ideas. At least, that’s the stated goal. We just keep looking at the gorgeous beachline on the splash page.  

8. CU 2.0 Live 

Size: Small 
Dates: June 5–7 
Location: Arizona  
Who should attend: Credit union and fintech innovators and executives  

The skinny: Want to push boundaries, but don’t want to get in trouble for it? This small event allows credit union and fintech leaders to meet, learn from each other, and drive the direction of industry technology and partnerships. Plus, it’s super fun. 

Register here:

9. CUNA Operations and Member Experience Council and Technology Council 

Size: Medium 
Dates: October 6–9   
Location: Anaheim, California 
Who should attend: CTOs, COOs, CXOs, and maybe some others 

The skinny: At this point, you probably get the picture about the CUNA Council conferences, right? If this conference sounds like something you should go to, then you should go to it… 

10. Money 20/20 

Size: Large 
Dates: October 27–30  
Location: Las Vegas, Nevada 
Who should attend: Everybody 

The skinny: Brace yourselves; this event is a whirlwind. If you have a clear agenda, Money 20/20 can be a goldmine. Otherwise, you might find yourself a little overwhelmed. But hey, who doesn’t love a challenge? 

11. CUNA Lending Conference 

Size: Medium 
Dates: November 3–6  
Location: TBD (2023 was Sea World, Florida) 
Who should attend: CLOs 

The skinny: Yes, CUNA hosts a ton of credit union conferences. This one’s for the lenders! CMOs, you’ve already had your fun. Time to let the CLOs get their turn in the sun. 

12. VentureTech 

Size: Medium 
Dates: November 12–14  
Location: Frisco, Texas 
Who should attend: Whoever’s in charge of investing at your credit union 

The skinny: For those with a keen eye on emerging technologies and investment opportunities, this is your go-to event. It’s where the future of fintech unfolds, and you definitely want to be in the room where it happens. 

13. League Conventions (like Reach 2024, e.g.) 

Size: Small–Large  
Dates: Depends  
Location: Depends 
Who should attend: Depends 

The skinny: These regional gatherings are a staple for credit union executives. They might not be the flashiest events on the calendar, but they’re essential for staying in tune with local issues and trends. 

14. Roundtables 

Size: Small–Medium  
Dates: Depends  
Location: Depends 
Who should attend: CEOs 

The skinny: These CEO-only discussions, often hosted by leagues or TruStage, are where the magic happens. They’re well-attended, intimate, and a fantastic opportunity for top-level networking. 

Did We Miss Any Big Credit Union Conferences?

Our no-nonsense guide to the top credit union conferences and events for 2024 might be missing something critical… Please let us know if that’s the case!

And remember, it’s not just about attending; it’s about engaging, learning, and, of course, enjoying the occasional happy hour. Cheers to a successful conference season! 

A note on methodology: We made a spreadsheet with 110 conferences. We categorized by estimated attendance, ticket cost, estimated cost to attend (including transportation), and by location. 

From there, we chose the ones that we think will be the most broadly impactful. Of course, your role may steer you in different directions. Take this with as many grains of salt as needed to make it palatable. 

Oh, here’s another note: yes, CUNA and NAFCU combined to become America’s Credit Unions. Let’s not get hung up on event names in 2024 while they’re mid-rebrand. 

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