CU 2.0 Podcast Episode 185 Brynn Ammon Symitar on Core Extension and Teaching Your Old Core New Tricks

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Brynn Ammon is on the podcast to tell us that it just isn’t true that old cores can’t learn new tricks – and she has plenty of examples of integration of new skills into core systems to enable credit unions to offer more and more useful tools to their members.

Reports of the death of the core have been greatly exaggerated suggests Ammon and in this podcast she offers an arsenal of evidence to show the contrary.

She even tells about Symitar’s work to integrate a Fiserv tool and, yes, that sounds like the Hatfields and McCoys making nice – but she insists it is true and it is part of Symitar’s push to integrate into its cores the tools that will enable credit unions to compete more effectively.  Even if that means cooperating with a competitor.

I will be honest, I went into this session thinking it would be as captivating as a talk on what makes a classic Singer sewing machine special.

Ammon proved my preconceptions wrong.

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