Comparing Epik and POTS IN A BOX for Credit Unions

Epik pots and pri line replacement CU 2.0

Copper telecom will soon disappear, so upgrading to digital infrastructure is a must. There are many options for organizations looking to make that transition. One of the most cost-effective solutions is to simply convert Plain Old Telephone Service (POTS) to digital with a device like Epik or POTS IN A BOX…

In fact, we wrote something about POTS-to-VoIP conversions already. Ultimately, most organizations are better off with an analog-to-digital conversion device of sorts.

But which device? And why? That’s what we’ll attempt to answer.

What Are Epik and POTS IN A BOX?

Both Epik and POTS IN A BOX are appliances that plug into copper telephone lines. They effectively replace analog wireline services like telephone, fax, and alarms with digital services.

These devices are important because digital communications bring numerous advantages. They’re cheaper to operate, easier to fix, and they support a wide variety of unified communications (UC) needs.

Furthermore, during the coronavirus pandemic, many offices continue to operate virtually, and nearly a third of the country works remotely. Staying reliably and digitally connected is absolutely critical, and the current situation further reinforces that need.

COVID-19 reveals what we already knew:

Digital transformation is no longer something to plan for—it’s something to pursue immediately. It’s a key component of business as we know it right now. And with copper going the way of the dinosaur, solutions like Epik and POTS IN A BOX are the most efficient and cost-effective routes for telecom digital transformation.


The Main Benefits of Plug-in Telecom Solutions

Organizations have a few options for how to proceed with the upcoming POTS sunset. But most will do best with a simple conversion device. Here’s why:

  1. Cost reduction. Ditching copper for digital service can cut per-line costs by up to 60%. Not much else to say about that.
  2. Installation. Installing Epik or POTS IN A BOX is fast and cheap. They’re essentially plug-and-play upgrades. And with the Epik box, the installation is free, completely eliminating up-front costs.
  3. Setup time. Not only does a plug-and-play solution cut costs—it also cuts time. Your business can be up and running with digital infrastructure (over analog lines) overnight.
  4. Redundancy and disaster recovery. The Epik box runs on internet connections or over Verizon’s nation-best 4G LTE network, providing strong redundancy and failover. POTS IN A BOX also features reliable 4G LTE failover, ensuring communications stay up and running no matter what.
  5. Flexibility. Repurposing copper infrastructure for digital communications provides digital support for faxes, life safety and alarm, elevators, and more.


Epik vs. POTS IN A BOX

Both Epik and POTS IN A BOX refer to devices that connect to copper lines and produce digital signals. Both allow organizations to enjoy digital service without tearing out and reinstalling infrastructure.

Both devices feature a long list of benefits and capabilities, including:

  • PCI & HIPAA compliancy
  • Encrypted analog fax and efax
  • One Talk companionship
  • Internal PBX and advance routing via cloud
  • MFVNs (required by alarm vendors) and UL listing

So, what does POTS in a Box cost? POTS in a Box comes with a relatively low price tag for hardware and installation. Then, it begins saving 20–60% per line for telecom service.

And what does Epik cost? For expanded functionality, Epik hardware and installation is free, and it comes with the same per-line savings.


Additional Reading

Does your credit union run on a POTS network? Are you worried about the high cost and disappearing support for it?

If you answered “yes” to either question, then fill out the form below and learn how to save 20–60% on your telecom costs by converting your copper lines to digital infrastructure.

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