How to Manage Credit Union Audits while You Work from Home

As the spread of the coronavirus grows ever more rapid, an increasing number of companies are enforcing a “work from home” policy. Credit unions are moving to this model as well. However, remote work brings with it new complications.

Some tasks typically require heightened levels of communication and coordination. Audits and examinations, for example, are much harder to navigate when all the team members and business units are away from the office at the same time. It’s harder to stay on top of things so that nothing slips through the cracks.

The team at Redboard has been helping credit unions manage their audits for years now. In this post, they share a few common audit issues that get exacerbated by working from home:

  • Using spreadsheets and emails to manage audits contributes to disorganization.
  • Findings stay open for too long.
  • Business units get frustrated with poorly-defined audit tasks.

Their product is designed to help credit unions address these issues—and save significant time in the process. But in developing their product, they also built a framework for managing the audit process remotely. They’re offering their insights to all credit unions about how to build a successful audit program. (You can read their basic advice on their blog—link below.)

In addition to advice and their credit union-specific audit management platform, they’re also offering more detailed guidance free of charge. It’s always nice to see people helping people—something the credit union industry excels at.

You can read more about how to successfully run audit programs while your team works from home here:

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