Brainstorm Event: Sponsor Spotlight

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The CU 2.0 Fintech Mastermind is a group of credit union and fintech industry leaders. Executives meet in small groups monthly to solve the industry’s biggest challenges.

Twice per year, the members come together to discuss what they feel are the hottest topics in the coming years. Then, they choose their top six and create presentation/discussion topics around them.

The shared expertise is part of the driving force behind their biannual showcase (The Brainstorm Event).

But the other driving force are the organizations that make it possible. For this Fintech Friday, we’d like to shine a light on the sponsors.


Brainstorm Event Sponsors

CU 2.0 chooses its sponsors carefully. Not only do we trust their products, but we’ve identified them as market and thought leaders in the credit union industry.


1.    OM Financial Group

OM Financial Group is a collection of executive benefits consultants for credit unions and nonprofits. They specialize in Supplemental Executive Retirement Programs (SERPs), with an emphasis in split-dollar plans.

What makes OM Financial Group such compelling partners isn’t limited to their superior retirement packages for credit unions, though. What we love is the collective experience of its consultants.

Their consultants all boast several decades of successful, executive-level leadership at financial institutions, investment firms, and nonprofits. (Read their bios here.)

Consequently, OM Financial Group can tailor their consulting and solutions to include recruiting, growth, leadership development, and more.


2.    Arkatechture

Arkatechture is a cloud-based data analytics company for credit unions and other financial institutions. Their fully-managed Arkalytics platform includes financial reports, executive dashboards, easy visualization, and more.

What we love most about Arkatechture is their focus on making things easy for credit unions. They don’t require credit unions to find the expertise to manage their own data programs. Rather, they provide that experience.

It makes Arkatechture an incredible option for small- and mid-sized credit unions in addition the usual larger ones.

Check out their Arkalytics platform here.


3.    Scienaptic

Scienaptic offers an AI-powered, automated loan decisioning system. They help credit unions and other financial institutions provide rapid, accurate credit decisioning and underwriting at scale.

In a world where borrowers look for fast decisions and seamless digital experiences, credit unions are lagging. Scienaptic’s AI and automation can fix that.

More importantly, Scienaptic is moving fast. They’re growing fast. We’ve seen them in action, and we’re impressed.

Read about how their AI helps post-COVID credit decisioning here.


4.    Messick Lauer & Smith P.C.

Formed in 2005, Messick Lauer & Smith P.C. has specialized in providing counsel to credit unions and CUSOs. In fact, they have helped credit unions and vendors form hundreds of CUSOs.

When it comes to the legal and regulatory aspect of credit unions and CUSOs, there’s no competition. What they’ve done for the industry is difficult to quantify.


5.    LiveSurvey

LiveSurvey is a credit union-specific member experience platform. They can send, collect, and analyze surveys in real time because they query the core for triggering events. Additionally, they offer SMS (text) capabilities to connect with younger generations.

We love LiveSurvey because their platform is lightweight, easy to understand, and connects credit unions to their members better than any of the competitors we’ve seen.

You can download their 12-month survey roadmap here.


Join Us at the Brainstorm Event!

Our sponsors will be available to chat at our Brainstorm Event on July 14th. It will be a good opportunity to gain insight about the challenges facing credit unions and fintechs in the coming years.

And, if we’re being honest, it will also be a good opportunity to make new connections in our industry!

Get your tickets here.

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