Valentine’s Day Ideas to Show Your Credit Union Members Some Love

It’s that wonderful time of year when everyone is thinking romance. And nothing says romance like credit union talk! Of course, we thought it would be good to publish our best ideas of how to show your members you love them!

So, if you are in a romantic mood and thinking about your money, then this blog is for you.


1.  No fee day

Hey, why not? Everyone who calls in or might have gotten charged a fee today, let’s just waive them or not run the job schedule. What a great way to show some appreciation and get some free publicity!

Instead of paying that crappy overdraft fee, they can share some ramen with their sweetie—courtesy of the credit union.


2.  Share romantic ideas from the staff

Ask your employees to share their favorite date night ideas. Make a list and then send them as a blog to all your members.

Everyone is probably stressed, and the big websites will just have generic non-local ideas. Your employees will probably have some great ideas that at least a couple of your members will appreciate. At the very least, you’ll show a little personality.


3.  Highlight your local stores

What a great way to be community oriented. Do 5 minutes of research and find the local chocolatier, flower store, and gift shop. Make a quick list of the local establishments and provide a local date night guide for your members.

If you live in a bigger community, make a top 10 of each category and share them out there on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and your blog. Those local business will appreciate the love and may promote the credit union to their audiences.


4.  Run a special one-day promotion

How about a one-time, one-day-only special auto loan or credit card offer? It could be a great way to drum up some business while helping your members and showing some credit union love.

If you are feeling really inspired, maybe write a credit union poem about how great your members are…. need inspiration? Just Google Pablo Neruda or another famous romantic poet, and you can probably create something that someone will like…


5.  Give away a gift basket

Send someone to the local stores and make a credit union friendly gift basket. Any member that walks in a branch gets entered to win!


6.  Negotiate a local discount at the florist

If you are a data driven credit union, this is for you. If you’re not yet, go buy the Credit Union 2.0 book and reread this blog next year!

Have your analytics group analyze where your members buy most of their flowers. Call the floral shop and negotiate a member discount for any member that shops there. Win-Win-Win, and it probably won’t cost the credit union anything more than time!


7.  Candy… just candy

Put some balloons and hearts in your branches and then give away FREE CANDY. Because that is what we all need. Don’t buy the cheap crap either—nothing is worse than cheap candy, even if it’s free.

Hopefully you found these ideas helpful. If your credit union has a great valentine’s tradition – we want to hear about it. Please send it to info@localhost

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