CU 2.0 Fintech Friday: Tellerex

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It’s CU 2.0 Fintech Friday! Today, Chris Otey sits down with Tellerex to discuss all things credit union, fintech, and digital innovation.

Ensuring consistent access to funds is the most important service that credit unions provide. If people can’t conveniently get their cash when they need it, then they’ll look for another institution better equipped for the task. With that in mind, the world of ATM lifecycle and fleet management is critical to member satisfaction. You can’t help your members access their money if you don’t have an extensive, reliable ATM fleet.

Tellerex is the largest lifecycle asset management and ATM fleet management provider. They work with each of the top five largest banks in the United States, as well as all of the top equipment manufacturers.

They provide several ATM lifecycle solutions for banks and credit unions for their kiosks and ATMs, including:

  • Warehousing
  • Logistics
  • Forward deployment
  • Go-live
  • Installation
  • Refurbishment
  • Risk mitigation for data
  • Reselling
  • Recycling and disposal

Any financial institution looking to keep its ATM fleet current—or running—may find an ally in Tellerex. They offer new ATM models and assistance through the entire implementation process. And, for financial institutions on a budget, they sell refurbished ATMs from tier 1 national banks.

Refurbishment in particular is an area in which Tellerex excels. Their quality control is very high, and they use only original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts. Essentially, they bring the quality of new OEM ATM replacement parts at a fraction of what new ones would cost.

If your credit union is looking for easy, affordable kiosk and ATM solutions, then Tellerex may be able to help. If this sounds like an intriguing credit union–fintech partnership, check out the video and Tellerex snapshot below!

Credit Union Fintech Snapshot: Tellerex

Top 3 Problems Solved

  1. ATM lifecycle management
  2. ATM sales and disposal
  3. ATM and ATM parts refurbishment

Tellerex Founder:

James Kilkelly

Tellerex Market Strategy

Credit unions, national banks, community banks, and more.

Credit Union Fintech: Tellerex in the News

Tellerex marks 5 years as ATM solutions provider

Tellerex brings in market leadership to drive future growth

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Credit Union 2.0 believes fully in the power of credit union and fintech partnerships. With the shared goal to redefine multifaceted financial services models look like to members, more credit unions are looking to partner with forward-leaning fintechs.

If you want to learn more about credit union–fintech partnerships, click here.

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