CU 2.0 Fintech Series: LearnLux

CU2.0 credit union fintech partnership

It’s CU 2.0 Fintech Friday! Today, Chris Otey sits down with LearnLux to discuss all things credit union, fintech, and digital innovation.

Rebecca Liebman founded LearnLux after she became fascinated with economic systems and financial health. She began working at a lab at MIT where she began researching historical data and patterns in finance. She found that a lot of historical financial data was extremely outdated and inaccurate.

She wrote her thesis on the idea that financial services never evolved to meet the needs of contemporary society. She created LearnLux as a way to create real-time alternative datasets that can better predict what kind of financial decisions someone should make today.

LearnLux puts modern financial literacy tools in the hands of those who need them most: younger generations. LearnLux builds a customized experience for each user. After answering a couple questions, LearnLux provides interactive videos that explain what kinds of financial decisions they should be making.

At its core, LearnLux is a solution for improving modern financial literacy. Their platform is available to credit unions who are looking for mobile, scalable ways to interact with their members to provide financial advice and counseling.

If this sounds like an intriguing credit union–fintech partnership, check out the video and LearnLux snapshot below!

Credit Union Fintech Snapshot: LearnLux

Top 3 Problems Solved

  1. Financial literacy
  2. Financial planning
  3. Financial counseling

LearnLux Founder: Rebecca Liebman

LearnLux Market Strategy

Community banks, credit unions, personal mobile users.

Credit Union Fintech: LearnLux in the News

LearnLux gets massive surprise backing at SXSW

CEO Rebecca Liebman featured in Forbes 30 under 30

LearnLux brings financial literacy to younger generations

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Credit Union 2.0 believes fully in the power of credit union and fintech partnerships. With the shared goal to redefine multifaceted financial services models look like to members, more credit unions are looking to partner with forward-leaning fintechs.

If you want to learn more about credit union–fintech partnerships, click here.

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