CU 2.0 Podcast Episode 218 on Larky and the Power of Push Notifications to Engage Members

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Who opens email anymore and as for phoning members, forget about it.

Diminishing returns from once mainline communication channels have many credit unions pulling their hair out in frustration.

Enter Larky.  Larky delivers context-appropriate push notifications from inside the credit union mobile app.  It’s not SMS, these are notifications in the mobile banking app.

In fact, Larky itself is invisible to the member.

What kinds of notifications are available? They are customized by and for the credit union. It might be info about auto loans if a member is inside a car dealership. Or it might be a 5% discount on Culver ice cream or burgers in Grand Rapids MI when a member uses an MSUFCU Visa card to make the purchase.

Tap rates, as you will hear in the show, are staggeringly high.

On the show to offer the details about Larky are CEO Gregg Hammerman and Ami Iceman Haueter, Chief Research and Digital Experience Officer at MSU Federal Credit Union.

Incidentally, Larky is another company where Tom Shen is a board member.  If you haven’t heard his podcast there’s a link in the show notes.

venues generated by credit and debit card usage and also new loans.

The combination of food for the hungry and more interest for members seemed interesting and relevant enough to warrant inviting Lugrand to guest.

But we get a whole lot more than that. For instance: Lugrand started his career as a stockbroker and for some years he made the very big bucks. He had everything he wanted to buy and that was a lot of stuff because he had grown up one of nine children in a Plains state family where money was in short supply.

He still remembers when he got his first winter coat that was brand new. He tells that story in the podcast.

Did I mention that Lugrand is African American? I did not and that is because he is a man who is proud of who he is but he also is proud that he’s a good family member, proud that he cares for his community, proud that he is a hard and smart worker.

He talks about him and race in the podcast too.

And why he ditched the high flying life of a stockbroker for credit unions.

Along the way we do talk about High Yield Checking.

But buckle up. This is not the ride you expect – but you definitely won’t want your money back.  This is a podcast you will tell many others to listen to.

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