CU 2.0 Podcast Episode 221 Jaime Marks Credit Union Cheerleader

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Ask Jaime Marks how she sees her role in the credit union universe and her answer comes fast: cheerleader.

She is a true believer in the credit union mission and the credit union difference.

Most recently she has been a vice president at California Credit Union but along the way she has worked at CoastHills Credit Union, also Ent Credit Union.

Now buckle up for a wide-ranging discussion that explores where credit unions are heading.

Central to that voyage is the credit union’s culture and, quick question, in a few words what is the culture of your credit union?

Clichés don’t score. Neither do hollow words. What – really – is the essence of the culture?

In this discussion, she references a recent American Banker article that names the best credit unions to work for.

We also talk about the State Employees Credit Union which has announced its appointment of a Chief Culture Officer.

When the nation’s second biggest credit union tabs culture as critical to succeed, that’s a hint that this is a topic that matters. really matters.

There’s more in this show – how to succeed in business banking, a quick question to ask an REI employee, and also what life is like on the merger merry-go-round.

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