CU 2.0 Podcast Episode 222 Kris Kovacs Constellation on How It Can Be Easy for a Credit Union to Add the Tech It Needs to Compete

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You know what we are talking about? Then you have to get to know Kris Kovacs, CEO of Constellation, a CUSO birthed to make it easy for a credit union to add the tech it wants, from AI tools to crypto to pretty much whatever you imagine because Constellation is open to adding fintech tools that its customers want.

This is a smashing of the technology walls that, for  decades, have created moats around credit unions that kept them – and their members – removed from the tech they truly wanted.

Sounds like magic? It kind of is and in the show today Kovacs – himself a longtime credit union executive until he left to launch Constellation – explains exactly what Constellation does and how.

Along the way he gives a strong endorsement for going the CUSO route – he has never had investors at his door demanding quick sales now!  Constellation enjoyed the time to develop the tools and services it knew credit unions wanted and needed.

Kovacs also tells why credit unions just may be a perfect customer for many fintechs and, surprise, speed of adoption is a key credit union strength when it comes to financial technology.  Kovacs tells why.

If you want to regain optimism about how credit unions can beat off mega banks on the one hand and neo-banks and quasi-banks on the other this too is the show for you.

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