CU 2.0 Podcast Episode 228 Vaneet Grewal Ovation CXM on Fixing Your Broken Member Journeys

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You know about CRM. Now learn about CXM, a new approach to knowing and managing your members’ journeys.

OvationCXM is on the show today and Vaneet Grewal, head of banking and financial services, is here to tell us about the emerging field of CXM, customer experience management.

Here’s what OvationCXM says about what it does: “OvationCXM is the first platform to take your uncoordinated internal, customer, and third-party interactions and turn them into exceptional journeys in the moment, start to finish. No rearchitecture required.”

Understand: CXM is not CRM. CRM is what Salesforce and many more companies do. With CXM, CRM is an element in what it manages but there are many more pieces of data that go into its management of the customer’s journey or, put in credit union speak, the member’s journey.

This is still early days in CXM but just think about how many touchpoints today’s member has with a credit union. In years past the touchpoint was the branch and maybe a phone. Now added into the mix are a website, a mobile app, maybe interaction with mortgage and credit card services. Possibly a car loan. There just are so many places and ways that members interact with a credit union today but who is mapping this journey?

No one in most cases.

Now the biggest banks are all in on CXM and at least some credit unions are following.

In this podcast, you will hear what’s involved in implementing CXM – and what the payoff is likely to be.

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