CU 2.0 Podcast Episode 235 Peter Barnard CUSO rkGoBig on Helping Small Credit Unions Succeed

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Ignite and preserve. Right there is the motto of rkGoBig, a CUSO with a singular focus: helping smaller credit unions survive and indeed prosper.

That seems a Sysephean task?

Peter Barnard. CEO of CUSO rkGoBig, firmly believes that cooperation among credit unions is a fast way to help more small credit unions survive.

To that end, rkGoBig offers a basket of services include a compliance toolkit – a real help when dealing with the regulator – credit cards, a shared core, card processing, shared back office processing and, well, you get the picture: rkGoBig has the tools a 21st century credit union needs to operate efficiently and effectively.

The biggest credit union presently served by rkGoBig is just shy of $400 million in assets.

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