CU 2.0 Podcast Episode 245 Agent IQ Multiplies Member Communication Tools at Pinal County Federal Credit Union

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It’s not news that today’s members – unlike yesteryear’s – want to communicate with their financial institution on their own terms and that means how and when they want to. Even though it is midnight Saturday.

Enter Agent IQ a digital platform that let’s members communicate with their FI via web chat, mobile messaging, video chat, SMS messaging and more. There’s even a co-browsing feature that lets an anxious member invite a credit union expert to look at his/her screen to insure that, say, a form is filled out correctly.

A powerful feature of Agent IQ is that it allows a member to designate a specific credit union employee as their primary contact – just as many members historically have had a preferred teller.

Sound great, you may be thinking, but surely this technology is limited to the behemoth institutions.


On the show today is Soren Bested, COO at Agent IQ, and the credit union customer is Pinal County Federal Credit Union – with assets around $280 million. Vice present Tiffany Tipton tells how and why Pinal decided to offer Agent IQ to its members.

It’s a good story that proves the little guys can run with the big guys.

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