CU 2.0 Podcast Episode 247 Mitch Rutledge, Vertice AI, on Using Data to Grow Member Satisfaction

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The answers you need to optimize member service – and keep your credit union on sound financial footing – are already available.

It’s just that they are hidden in your data.

That’s where Mitch Rutledge, CEO and co-founder of Vertice AI, comes in because his company are data scientists who specialize in finding useful information in the vast data stores just about all credit unions have.

Quiz time: what’s a vertice?  Don’t sweat it. Geometry wasn’t a strong suit of mine.  Yes, vertice is a term in geometry and what it is a place where two or more curves, lines, etc. meet.

What Rutledge wants to do with a credit union’s data is sift it in search of places where presently unmet member needs align with credit union offerings – it’s just that they have never connected. Vertice AI wants to help with that connecting.

Sure, we know, you’re hearing lots about AI and in past years you heard a lot about big data – but this show is different, it’s practical, hands-on, and definitely no need for a Carnegie Mellon or MIT degree.

Vertice AI, by the way, already has credit union customers – including one very big and very high-prestige institution.

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