CU 2.0 Podcast Episode 249 John Findlay LemonadeLXP Round Two on Teaching Tech to Employees and Members

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Your institution has digital tools, lots of them, but here are the two questions that genuinely matter:  Do your members know how to use them; and do your employees?

Too often the answer to both questions is nope.

Here’s a possible cure: John Findlay and LemonadeLXP. The LemonadeLXP promise is that it’s easy to use tools will turn your staff into digital mavens and  your members will learn to use the tools that very probably your institution already has.

A case in point found in this show: I ask Findlay how LemonadeLXP would help a member whose question is, I want to send money to a relative using Zelle. How do I do that?

Understand: failure to know how to use a tool is a primary reason members don’t use it.


The stakes are even higher with financial tools – because every member worries that a first time Zelle (mis)use will result in the account emptying out into a Minsk account and who knows where that is?


Findlay also talks about actual cases where FI clients dramatically cut call center calls – costs – by deploying LemonadeLXP tools.


Those with sharp memories may recall that Findlay was on the show before – in December 2020. His company has grown, a lot, since then and that is because the need for easy-to-understand tech teaching tools doesn’t go away. Quite the opposite: the need multiplies.

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