CU 2.0 Podcast Episode 250 Rock Carter Tells What Credit Unions Need to Know About Medicare and Their Members

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Medicare – you’d almost think it’s a four-letter word, not the three-syllable word it is.  That’s because it is an immensely complicated issue – Congress did write the federal laws that shape it! – and as Americans approach 65 suddenly they have to make an immensely complicated decision about their health care.

How easy is that? Not.

But consider this an enormous opportunity for credit unions, with their memberships that skew older.  Credit unions can step in as trusted advisors and help members make better decisions while also bringing in a few dollars in fees into the credit union.

That’s win-win.

But doing this requires skill.  The complexities of Medicare demand talents to navigate it.

Enter Rock Carter, president of Medicare CU, a CUSO  set up to help credit unions help their members into good Medicare decisions.

You may remember a recent show with Silvur, the winner of CU 2.0’s Fintech Madness battle in Las Vegas.  Silvur – which helps credit unions and their members with both Social Security and Medicare – is a related but fundamentally quite different approach.

Credit unions contemplating offering senior members help with Medicare decisions are advised to listen to both podcasts. One approach just may suit your credit union better than the other.

But know this: Members need help making Medicare decisions. Credit unions are well-positioned to provide that help.

What are you waiting for?

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