CU 2.0 Podcast Episode 251 on All You Want to Know about USDA Loans for Your Community

cu 2.0 podcast

Did you know that there are many, many loan programs available from the US Department of Agriculture – and many feature government guarantees?

Probably you didn’t know – these programs are something of a secret.

But over 100 credit unions – including Navy Federal – know about the programs and work with Greater Commercial Lending, a company that works with borrowers, USDA and also credit unions to get loans funded.

What kinds of loans? Don’t be misled by the word agriculture.  USDA makes all kinds of loans, funding everything from farm equipment to renewable energy.  And some loans even can fund projects in urban areas.

On the show is GCL executive vice president Jeremy Gilpin who explains how the program works and how credit unions can get involved.

He also tells that GCL is in the process from beginning to end.  It helps fill out the loan app, works with USDA, even helps syndicate many loans.

Now do you want to find out more from GCL?

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