CU 2.0 Podcast Episode 253 on Greenlight’s Super Powered Debit Card for Kids

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Is a Greenlight card in your wallet?

If you have children – particularly school-age kids – you want to know about Greenlight because this is a functioning debit card but it is designed for use by kids who are gaining financial skills as their parents guide them in the how-to of using plastic.

Understand, too, that increasing numbers of retail venues are cashless – plastic is needed to transact.

Of course there also are online purchases that require plastic.

Greenlight solves those issues and it offers both a direct-to-consumer service (starting at $4.95 per month) and now it is fast signing up financial institutions who are offering Greenlight to their customers and members.

Already on board is Chase.

But know that Greenlight has already signed up credit unions and wants more because the company gets that the credit union mission syncs with Greenlight’s.

On the show today is Pete Steger, vice president of business development at Greenlight.

Learn more about Greenlight here:

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