CU 2.0 Podcast Episode 268 Kirk Kordeleski on Getting Real Results from Industry Events aka How to Make Meetings Work for You

Podcast Guest: Kirk Kordeleski

Have you ever spent two days at an industry meeting and on your flight home you found yourself wondering, why did I go there? Did I get a thing useful out of this?

Join the club.  Events regret is widespread.

And then there is Kirk Kordeleski, former CEO of Bethpage Federal Credit Union which he grew into a colossus and now he’s an executive with O.M. Financial, where he helps credit unions create competitive retirement packages for c-suite executives. 

The idea for this show came from Kordeleski’s Facebook feed where one week he is in Honolulu, the next Atlanta, the next Michigan, the next Washington DC, and the travel whirlwind goes on as Kordeleski travels from industry event to event.

Two questions came to mind: why hasn’t he burned out and how does he get useful results from this travel schedule?

Kordeleski is on the podcast to tell us his how-to of traveling sanely and making it all work for him.

In a few words the recipe comes down to this: know the results you want and have a plan to get them.  But Kordeleski’s formula is much more detailed than that. He tells his secrets now.

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