CU 2.0 Podcast Episode 269 Liquidity, Lending and Your Credit Union: Three Expert Perspectives

Podcast Guest Mac Thompson

Whither credit union lending – or put more bluntly, when will today’s liquidity issues and their constraint on lending lessen?

That’s a huge topic – liquidity is a key concern at just about every credit union – and that’s why we brought together three experts with different takes on lending and liquidity.

There’s Mac Thompson, founder and president of White Clay and a data analytics expert. He’s also a former CU 2.0 podcast guest.

There’s Barry Kirby, a co-founder of Union Credit which aims to help credit unions grow their memberships. He too is a past podcast guest.

The third guest is Gary Lewis, managing director of lending and deposit solutions at Jack Henry and, you guessed it, also a past podcast guest.

This is a lively conversation about lending, liquidity and also related topics such as the threats posed by non banks, the need for better credit union curation of technology options, and a coming to grips with the credit union generational shift from Baby Boomer members to Millennials and Gen Z and what that shift entails.

You may not agree with all you hear on this show – that’d be boring, wouldn’t it? – but you will get ideas about what you need to be doing to keep your credit union in the game and winning.

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