CU 2.0 Podcast Episode 272 Backbase and SavvyMoney on Credit Scores That Matter – To Your Members and the Credit Union

Podcast Guest

Call this show beyond credit scores.

The reality is that in 2023 credit scores are as common as nitrogen on our planet.  There is nothing special about offering access to credit scores to members because, well, they can get them anywhere.

Personally, I can think of a half dozen different accounts of mine that provide free access to credit scores.

Probably I have more that I have simply ignored.

So why am I talking about credit scores? Because Backbase, which bills itself as the engagement banking platform and it provides online and mobile banking to many US credit unions, and SavvyMoney, have teamed up to offer the SavvyMoney credit score to members at credit unions on the Backbase platform.

And what SavvyMoney offers is way beyond a credit score. That’s the starting point, but SavvyMoney also offers action steps for consumers (“here’s how to lift your 680 credit score to 750”) as well as suggesting possible loans to members.  The tools also may help steer members into appropriate investments such as CDs,

This is a credit score with lots of financial wellness pointers and action steps built in.

On the show are Brian McNutt, Backbase’s vice president of product management for the U.S. mid-market, and Chris Fraenza, SavvyMoney’s chief revenue officer.

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