CU 2.0 Podcast Episode 275 Claire Winslow on Putting Social Media to Work for Your Credit Union

Podcast Guest - Claire Winslow

Is your credit union on social media?  

Actually, let me ask the real question: are you getting results? 

Such as? New members. New loans.  Activities that boost your bottom line.

The reality is that yesteryear’s advertising/marketing media – local TV news, local radio, local newspapers and the standard youth sports sponsorships – are artifacts of a past marketing model.  Today the word is social media.

And in this show, Claire Winslow, founder of Best Practice Media, tells how social media can bring powerful, important results to a credit union and often at surprisingly inexpensive budgets.

The beauty of social media, Winslow explains, is that results are quickly trackable.  You know how many interacted with a Facebook or Google ad. There’s no guesswork, the numbers are specific and concrete.

Another huge plus: content and direction can be changed very quickly to suit changing times.  

In the podcast, Winslow tells what you need to know about social media and how to get started using them for results.

She also makes an offer of an unpublished credit union case study – just email her and reference the CU 2.0 podcast.

Get ready to take a big step into 21st-century marketing.

Learn more about Best Practice Media here:

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