CU 2.0 Podcast Episode  278 Total Expert and Canvas Credit Union on Mortgages Now

Podcast Guest

There is a lot of communication during the process of approving and funding a mortgage.  The member has questions and needs to stay informed.

Enter Total Expert’s James White who tells about the company’s technology that automates a lot of the process – which of course frees up a credit union’s staff to do other work.

But don’t just take his word. Also on the show is Shelby Parkhill. Senior mortgage loan originator at Canvas Credit Union in Denver.  She tells how the Total Expert tools work in the trenches at Canvas.

Along the way, we also explore the shape of today’s mortgage business and it’s maybe not as grim as you fear.  The business also is cyclical.  Good times will come again and smart credit unions – Canvas is one such – are readying themselves for the next cycle.

A takeaway: a lot that is interesting now is happening at some credit union mortgage departments.

Want more of James White? Listen up to a 2022 podcast with him on supercharging member engagement. 

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