CU 2.0 Podcast Episode  283 Cinchy’s Ty Robbins on the Data Collaboration Revolution

Podcast Guest Timothy Robbins

Your credit union has the data. The insight you need is in there…some place.

Enter Cinchy, which promises to deliver new ways to get more collaborative insights out of data.  That will also ease the pains – and costs – of data integration projects that often give credit unions more frustration than satisfaction.

Sounds too good to be true?  The skepticism is understandable but on the show today to tell how Cinchy works is Ty Robbins, Field CTO.  But it’s the title Robbins used to have that jumpstarted my interest in listening to him.

He came to Cinchy from First Service Credit Union where he had been Chief Data Officer and before that he had been SVP and CIO at People’s Trust Federal Credit Union.  Ty Robbins knows credit unions and their data, both the pains and the potentials, on an intimate basis.  

Before joining Cinchy he had been a customer at First Service.

He says he made the leap to Cinchy to spread the news about these tools to more credit unions.

Face reality: credit unions are at an existential moment with data. Big banks use data to win. Credit unions need to get the same from their data.

Robbins and Cinchy say they know how.

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