CU 2.0 Podcast Episode 285 BankingON’s Boucoup and a New Approach to Teen Banking

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Meet the next generation of teen banking featuring a hefty dose of parental involvement.  That’s the gist of Boucoup by BankingON and you know BankingON. It’s the team behind the technology that powers Bank Dora, the innovative mobile banking app.

About now your hand is probably waving because you want to point out a spelling error.

Put the hand down.

Boucoup looks like a spelling mistake, but, says Alexey Krasnoriadtsev, co-founder and CEO of BankingON, it’s no mistake. He picked the errant spelling because it’s a word that can be trademarked, the misspelling might per se win a little attention just because it is, and I’d add few Americans actually can correctly spell the French word anyway.

But we all can kind of say it. And we know it means plenty.

Right now lots of financial apps are targeting teens, even Chase is in the hunt.  But Boucoup is different in key respects from the main fintech products.  It’s white label, meaning the credit union name goes on it.

It also gives parents tools to help teach teens about finance.

There are gamification aspects as well.

Also on the show is BankingON’s Aaron Villarreal

Learn more about Boucoup here:

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