CU 2.0 Podcast Episode 286 Fonta Gilliam on Social Finance Software and the Wellthi App

Three words: social finance software.

By the end of this podcast you will know what the phrase means and why an embrace of social fiance software just might be a brilliant move on the part of many credit unions, a move that could benefit the communities that are served and also the credit unions who grasp that social finance software just might be a path to winning many more young members.

On the show today is Fonta Gilliam, and it is her passionate mission to spread the gospel of social finance software.

She’s the CEO and founder of Wellthi, an app that is built with the credit’s union name, brand and voice.  

Wellthi explains itself on the company’s website: “Wellthi is a fintech social enterprise. Our technology helps customers structure their financial goals with family and friends through your mobile banking app. Our company has over half a dozen industry awards and recognitions from organizations like the FDIC, Mastercard, Nerd Wallet, Discover and the Independent Community Bankers of America.”

This is a lively show and, along the way, we also hear a first person account of how to get venture funding.

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