CU 2.0 Podcast Episode 290 Crux Analytics on How to Succeed at Engaging Small Business Members

credit union Podcast Guest: Jacob Bennett crux analytics

You’re a credit union, therefore you want more business members. Business members bring a lot of revenue into an institution. 

Many credit unions in recent years have made a push for more small business members.  Many have fallen well short of their goals.

There are many reasons why but there also is a big reality: most credit unions need outside help to achieve those goals. They need to work with outsiders who truly get what building relationships with small businesses is all about.

Enter Crux Analytics.  They tell their story on their website: “We started Crux because we believe in the power of small business. We have experienced first-hand the challenges owners face and understand the role they serve in our lives and our economy. We have seen the current systems driving small business banking fall short for both owners and financial institutions. Small businesses need access to relevant, quality banking services to thrive. Financial institutions want to be able to engage more with small businesses, who are loyal, valuable, long-term customers. Crux is bridging the gap.”

On the show today is Jacob Bennett, a Crux Analytics co-founder, who tells why Crux Analytics just may be what your credit union needs to really master how to serve small businesses – and, while doing that, genuinely benefiting your community because, honestly, much of America revolves around healthy small businesses.

Crux is seeking credit unions to join a pilot.  Hear how towards the end of the show.

This is a show that will leave you feeling optimistic.

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