CU 2.0 Podcast Episode 302 Chase Neinken on Chimney Home and Finovate Success

Podcast Guest: Chase Neinken

It was over two years ago that Chase Neinken was on the podcast talking up Chimney, a fintech focused on delivering cool, fun calculators to credit unions.

Neinken is back and here’s the reason: in fall 2023 Chimney won “best in show” at Finovate and that’s because it debuted Chimney Home, a new tool for credit unions that shows a credit union member today’s value of their home and also lets an institution deliver personalized offers to members.

Admit it, you know how addictive the tools for telling you your home’s value are.  When was the last time you checked Zillow? I’ll confess: in my case it was yesterday.

What homeowner doesn’t do this often?  

The Chimney kicker of course is enabling the FI that hosts Chimney Home to deliver targeted offers to the member, not the generic stuff sent to everybody, but offers that reflect how much equity this member actually has.

How cool is that?

Neinken tells all about it on the show and he also updates us on Chimney’s suite of calculators and wouldn’t you rather your members use calculators on your site, not BankRate?

In the show Neinken refers to a Chimney study of how its calculators actually perform. Here’s a link to that report.

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