CU 2.0 Podcast Episode 304 CuCollaborate’s Sam Brownell on Mergers, CUSOs + More

Podcast Guest Sam Brownell

Should we merge? With whom? Those questions are heard in just about every credit union’s c-suite and boardroom.  

The answers aren’t easy.

Enter Sam Brownell’s CuCollaborate which boldly states its purpose this way: “We are here to help credit unions adapt, grow, and succeed long term — and we offer the innovation, insight, and know-how to help them do it.”

In its toolkit are powerful analytical models such as AnalyzeCU which lets a credit union quantify its impact and performance.

And a big part of CuCollaborate’s present business stream is consulting with credit unions on merger possibilities and the merger process itself.  This podcast has explored credit union mergers multiple times, but never quite like this.  Brownell has a particular take on how to look at mergers – it’s interesting stuff that he explains at length.

In the process he references Kant’s categorical imperative, which ranks as one of the very most important ideas about right conduct ever articulated.

As the talk about mergers comes to a close, Brownell happens to say he’s in the process of turning the company into a CUSO.  He talks at length about why.

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