CU 2.0 Podcast Episode 307 Paul Fiore on WealthNext and Bringing Wealth Services to Credit Unions

You know about Paul Fiore.  He’s the man behind Digital Insight, the first big digital banking tool that was acquired by Quicken for $1.35 billion in 2007.

Fiore is back dreaming big and his present focus is a company called WealthNext (nee Digital One), a CUSO that aims to bring powerful wealth management technology tools to credit unions.

Wealth tech already is big business – just about every big bank already is in it and so are bushels of fintechs.  Credit unions are late to this game. But not too late.

Fiore is optimistic that with the right fintech tools, credit unions can gain a major stake in wealth management – and in this show he tells why he believes that and also talks about how credit unions can get involved in the CUSO and how fintechs that want to be considered can reach out.

In the show Fiore mentions CryptoFi, a crypto currency company (now named InvestiFi) that brought crypto to Tulsa credit union WeStreet.  A year ago we did a podcast on exactly this. There’s a link in the show notes.  

Fiore also mentions the CU2.0 CU 2.0 Live event that took place in Fountain Hills, AZ in early June. Our conversation in fact started there and grew into this podcast episode.

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