CU2.0 Podcast Episode 115 Dan Michaeli Glia on Digital Member Service

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Call this the best of times for digital member service company Glia and that is because, in the pandemic era, credit unions’ traditional member service tools have fallen out of favor and so just about all of us have become significantly more digital, said Dan Michaeli, Glia CEO and co-founder.

Just a couple years ago, many credit unions looked at digital customer service tools as a “nice to have.” That’s changed for many and, suddenly, these tools are must haves.

Especially at credit unions, says Michaeli and that’s because credit unions have always had a member centric attitude. And digital tools just may be the best tools around.

Here is what Glia says it does: “Glia creates digital-first moments that simplify and transform conversations between institutions and their customers using Messaging, Video, Voice, CoBrowsing, and Artificial Intelligence.”

Even better, as service switches from channel to channel – as often happens – the context and history are retained. No more maddening moments for a member who just spent 10 minutes explaining a problem to a rep and now is asked by a new rep to tell about the problem. From scratch.  How frustrating is that?

Right now, we are in a shift from telephone based member service into a variety of digital channels, including oldfashioned voice, but with text, AI and more claiming ever larger roles.

An upshot is that members may find themselves experiencing better service and now they will be able to pick their own channel.

Are these tools that mainly will abound at only the biggest financial institutions? Michaeli believes otherwise. He in fact believes that this technology levels the playing field and a $100 million credit union just may have member service tools that rivals that of a big five money center bank.

How cool is that?

You want to know – indeed, in the Covid era you need to know – about digital member service and that’s why this half-hour is a must listen.


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