CU 2.0 Podcast Episode 121 Inside the CU 2.0 Mastermind Group

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This is a special CU 2.0 Podcast where the aim is to take listeners inside the CU 2.0 Mastermind group where credit union executives and fintech executives join together to explore new ideas, to review problems, and together – by sharing wisdom and experiences – join in reaching higher levels of success.

In this episode Ray Crouse, CEO of Parsons Federal Credit Union and board chair of NACUSO, Darryl Hicks, CEO of fintech FlexPay, and Kirk Drake, founder of CU 2.0 talk candidly about Mastermind groups and along the way you will get a sense of the flavor of what a Mastermind group really is and how it works.

Consider this a glimpse into how a group works.

In this podcast you will hear personal testimony from all three on what they are getting and have gotten out of Mastermind groups – and both Drake and Hicks, longtime members of Mastermind groups, offer vivid reports of exactly how Mastermind groups have benefited them, personally and professionally.

Kicks, in the podcast, males mention of Johari quadrants. Info on that is here.

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